The Pleasures of Shade

A shade garden can provide the peace and tranquility we seek in our outdoor space. It serves as a secret place, enclosed and protected, for your enjoyment. Embrace the shady spaces in your yard by filling them with beautiful  texture and even some color. Some popular shade plants include:


Annuals: -Begonias -Coleus -Caladium -Creeping Jenny -Impatiens -Lobelia -Pansy
Perennials: -Anemone -Astilbe -Hellebore -Bellflower -Black-Eyed Susan -Campanula -Anemone -Dicentra -Evening Primrose -Ferns -Forget Me Not -Jacob’s Ladder -Heuchera -Lady’s Mantle -Monkshood -Bee Balm – Liriope
Bulbs: -Crocus -Calla Lily -Cyclamen -Grape Hyacinth -Tuberous Begonias




The Pest Resistent Garden

Nothing is more frustrating than watching your hard work wasted as garden critters such as deer, rabbit, squirrels and groundhogs invade your property. Below are some simple things you can do when planning a pest resistent garden.

  • Pests do not like strong smelling plants. Try distributing these substances around edges of your property to keep out unwanted guests. These effective substances include:

–epsom salts– garlic– red pepper sauce– curry powder-  scattered hair–

  • Critters generally do not like plants with texture. try petunias or lamb’s ear or a heavy vine as a deterrent
  • Install windchimes and garden accessories. Motion and noise often keep pests from entering a garden area

Damage Cleanup From Hurricane Sandy

larchmont nursery (23)This tree is DEAD. This is tree is NOT dormant. It is not “coming back in the spring”. This is he result of salt damage from Hurricane Sandy. These pines are dangerous and need to be removed before the next storm. Please call us for a free estimate.

Rid your yard of mosquitoes


Mosquito control system for your entire property – anywhere you have sprinklers. Our simple-to-install product lets you take back control of your outdoor space in no time.

Most systems distribute the mosquito control compound during watering, which results in the compound being compromised and even washed away. Our system uses the sprinkler to distribute our safe, organic compound after watering, so it works better and lasts longer.

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