The Pleasures of Shade

A shade garden can provide the peace and tranquility we seek in our outdoor space. It serves as a secret place, enclosed and protected, for your enjoyment. Embrace the shady spaces in your yard by filling them with beautiful  texture and even some color. Some popular shade plants include:


Annuals: -Begonias -Coleus -Caladium -Creeping Jenny -Impatiens -Lobelia -Pansy
Perennials: -Anemone -Astilbe -Hellebore -Bellflower -Black-Eyed Susan -Campanula -Anemone -Dicentra -Evening Primrose -Ferns -Forget Me Not -Jacob’s Ladder -Heuchera -Lady’s Mantle -Monkshood -Bee Balm – Liriope
Bulbs: -Crocus -Calla Lily -Cyclamen -Grape Hyacinth -Tuberous Begonias




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