In addition to defining the boundaries of your property, Fences provide privacy, security and increased value. For children and pets they provide safety.We carry a large selection of  fencing made out of a variety of  materials including Wood, Iron, Aluminum or PVC/ Vinyl.  services. In addition, we provide services for restoration of fencing. If you do not want to replace a fence- why not just re-paint it?carpentry, larchmontnursery© (1)

While you are home, there is no better way to enjoy a beautiful spring day than relaxing on your own custom built deck. Larchmont Nurseries provides deck design and installation. We can help you build usable outdoor space for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

Arbors and Pergolas provide vertical space for the gardener to enjoy growing climbing plants. These garden accents create the feel of an entrance and highlight the beauty growing within.  Arbors and pergolas also create a sense of privacy for the home owner, enclosing a space. Why not dress up your walkway with a beautiful project?carpentry, larchmontnursery© (2)

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