nurseryLarchmont Nurseries carries the finest quality products for all your gardening needs in our garden center. Good pest and weed control is the basis for any well kept lawn. For the home gardener who prefers to take care of the maintenance of their lawn and gardens on their own, a little bit of prevention goes a long way.  We carry a line of products including natural/organic solutions for the gardener who has gone “green”.  We carry soil amendments to help you create a healthy environment for your plants to grow. In addition, we provide fertilizers and manures for all plants. We sell quality potting soil  to help you nourish and maintain moisture control.  For maximum home defense, we offer the finest pest and weed control products. Our products provide effective protection for disease control.   We sell pest, animal and insect control including innovative mosquito products for your yard.  In addition, we carry garden tools and equipment as well as pond equipment and irrigation products.

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